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Colin and Tanya Dickson

“Our son is 8 years old and has been attending karate for 3 years. Our daughter is 6 years old and has been attending karate for 1 year. Heishin-Kai has been a fantastic foundation for our children, teaching them self-defence, discipline and respect. It has been great for our son’s confidence and concentration. The instructors […]

Kerryn Lilley Heishin-Kai

Kerryn Lilley

Four years ago, our son Benjamin started karate with Heishin-Kai. Benjamin loves going to classes. He has met new friends, attended camps, and participated in tournaments and gradings. Heishin-Kai has helped develop Benjamin’s listening skills, self-discipline, and respect for self and others, while improving his physical stamina and confidence. As a parent, I appreciate the […]

Byron Smith Heishin-Kai

Byron Smith

My son Sammy started at Heishin-Kai Karate soon after he turned five, and under the caring and skilled training of his instructors, quickly developed enough skill to earn his first coloured belt. He’s enjoyed it from the start and really looks forward to his twice-weekly classes. I like the fact that it’s a caring and […]